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Congratulations to the Toro Bulls.


Toro once again captured the super bowl tittle.

Gonzales Knights to Host Jamboree.

This Year for the 2020 season, the Gonzales Knights will host jamboree. We can't wait to start the new season.

Alvarez Titans Cheer won Comp.

The Titans took the championship at Jamz.

Eagles Cheer raising their hands.

Alisal Cheer raising their hands when the photographer asked "Who's bringing me homemade burritos"

Warriors learn to fly.

The Soledad Warriors are learning how to flex their wings, and are taking off. Way to go ladies.

News Around the League 

Games This Season

1. Toro Bulls

2. Alvarez Titans

3. North County Bulldogs

4. Salinas Colts & Broncos

5. Alisal Eagles

6. Seaside Raiders

7. Soledad Warriors

8. Gonzales Knights

9. King City Stangs

10. Watsonville Wildcatz

11. Steinbeck Tigers & Cubs

12. Hollister Rebels

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